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Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing

As a partner on your growth journey, Agilience Asia provides support for businesses needing to build agility and resilience into their businesses by incorporating digital solutions to improve processes, reduce waste & releasing resources from manual non-value adding work.

We provide end-to-end solutions to organisations including providing outsourcing services and an offshoring platform for businesses to move their critical but time-consuming back-end processes to an offshore centre.

Other than achieving cost efficiency, this would allow businesses to free up valuable resources to focus on more value adding work to strategically grow their business and increase productivity.

Finance Process Redesign

Unable to get your financial reports in a timely manner to make timely decisions? Or your finance team is complaining about spending too much time on manual tasks?

We assist companies willing to embark on the journey to streamline and optimise their finance processes by reducing time spent on data entry errors and manual tasks and improve on accountability, control and consistency.

Business Process Outsourcing

Volatility in the world economy and regional markets, rapidly evolving technology, unpredictable shifts in consumption patterns and market trends, and increasing competition from existing players and new entrants present both opportunities and threats to all businesses today. To ensure businesses stay abreast of these developments and maintain their competitive edge, an unwavering focus on their core activities is necessary.

Business process outsourcing help businesses to manage the back-end operations such as Finance (including bookkeeping, compilation and preparation of XBRL), HR and more that benefit business owners from cost reduction and process-driven work. This improvement can increase the companies’ focus in growing the business and resources on building areas of differentiation and enhancing their competitive advantage.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We assist businesses in their growth journey to set up in Singapore and keeping the business in check and compliant with legal requirements. We free you from the compliance requirements and administrative task of running a business.

As a partner working together with businesses to achieve their mid to longer term strategic goals, whether to grow or expand its footprint, strengthening its capabilities or exploring an exit, Agilience Asia adopts a hands-on approach by working closely with business owners supporting them and their company’s needs in deal advisory activities such as acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, management buy-outs etc.

We offer our clients the flexibility of customising our deal advisory related services to suit their needs in different stages of any M&A transactions.

Deal Advisory

Sell-side and Asset Monetisation

With our deep understanding of the entire transaction lifecycle, a successful asset monetisation process requires clear upfront planning which takes account of longer-term business considerations and overall strategy.

We look after our client’s interest by taking structured steps in our approach that enable the seller maintain control, while addressing these four key questions.

1. What are you selling?
2. What is the value?
3. Who is your buyer?; and
4. How will you execute and risks to consider?

Buy-side / M&A Transaction Support

A smart buyer is an informed buyer. Depending on where you are at the transaction lifecycle, we provide customised transaction support services to suit your needs.

Supporting your growth agenda while navigating in an ever-changing economic environment, we take a practical approach to facilitate the buy-side process by asking the right questions to identify potential risk factors, with activities including preliminary assessment of target companies, all the way to performing due diligence, stakeholders management and managing the entire process to completion.

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